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The Most Magical Shop in Manchester

Our retail store, All Things E-Cigs, home of the infamous Octopus E-Juice, is based in the heart of Manchester, TN. Here at All Things, we are your one stop shop for more vape inventory than you’ll ever see in on place.  We love our hardware but we specialize in creating magical juice.  With over 550 base flavors and over 350 recipes, the possibilities are out of this world. Stop by and select one of a gazillion delicious flavors & treat yourself to some awesome accessories, sub tanks, rdas, rdtas, batteries and competition wire.  This is no ordinary shop.  You won’t just be making a purchase, you’ll be having an experience.

Tasty Tasty

All Things is also home of the first Mod Drip Station e-Juice Bar. Our High Quality American Made E-Juice is all mixed in house by our Magician Mixologists. Octopus E-juice is fresh, kosher and delicious. . Our e-Juice bar has 350 flavors to taste with new flavors added daily. You can tailor Octopus E-Juice to be heaven in your mouth because we will make it however you want it. If you have a difficult time testing from crummy testers, bring your dripper to the Mod Drip Bar where you can drip over 100 delicious flavors right onto your wicking.

Hardware, Not Hard Work

Come and check us out; we have more mods than you’ll find anywhere else and our staff is knowledgeable and willing to help you every step of the way. Our experts will help you configure the right equipment for your specific tastes and vaping needs. We have state-of-the-art equipment available to diagnose and adjust your current mod for optimum performance and enjoyment.  Every customer leaves All Things vaping.  We want to make sure you know how to use your product and are comfortable with the nicotine level and ability to change an atomizer on your own.  We believe customer education is vital to kicking the habit for good.

The Octopus Difference

If you ask me what makes my Vape Lounge at All Things E-Cigs so special, I would say it is my Juice. It won’t burn your throat like a lot of other e-Juice. It is thick, never watered down, and so flavorful you’ll think you just had a mouthful of delicious Georgia Peaches, Tennessee Honey, or even Coconut Cream Pie. A person can actually be a tobacco connoisseur with an e-Cig. By eliminating the smoke and revolting taste of ash, you can actually taste the variations in different types of tobacco.
  In addition, the people I surround myself with are wonderful. We are doing what we love and loving what we do. Every one of us is sweet as sugar and anxious to help people quit smoking. We will do anything we can to help you because we simply don’t want people to smoke analog cigarettes. Several of us have come back and opened the shop after close to help someone who needed juice or had their e-Cig lost or stolen. When you care about what you are doing and how you are helping, it feels a lot less like work and a lot more like play. We are open 7 days a week, because we believe that availability is important in this industry and also because we all hang out here all the time anyway.

We do our best to educate our customers. We will explain everything you need to know about vaping. We’ll teach you e-Cig care, cleaning and maintenance from beginners to advanced mechanical mods. If you want to quit nicotine altogether, we can take your level down by as little as a milligram at a time over a period so you won’t even notice. When you’re down to zero, we’ll celebrate together.

We have local musicians play on Friday nights starting at 6pm. We lounge and listen to music while vaping delicious e-Juice available in an infinite combination of flavors. We currently have over 350 flavors available in testers at our Juice Bar and another 115 flavors at our Mod Dripper Juice Bar. We give away prizes for silly trivia questions and have a great time.  It is very possible to win a decked out e-Cig and all the accessories just by hanging out and playing around on a Friday evening.  We have plenty of super comfy furniture to relax on and offer free Wi-Fi to our customers as well as a 60” flat screen and PS4!  Check out our Facebook page at to keep up to date with new products and regular cloud and trick competitions to win FREE mods!!

One thing you’ll notice right when you walk in the door is that you’re in a fun place, a magical lounge full of color and smiling faces. You’ll feel like a regular from your first time in because we know once you taste our Juice, you’ll Vape with us exclusively.

So come in, taste the freshness, enjoy the ambiance, and make some new friends.