Upcoming Vape Events:

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us at VCCTN16!  We had a great time and met some awesome vapers!


Events for the Love of Vape

The Octopus Vape Lounge at All Things E-Cigs is a magical fun place with a vibrant vibe and insane vape events. Our Cloud Competitions are hosted by the best party people in the Universe!  We offer only the best prizes for cloud chasers and Air Benders. Competitions are free to enter and you’ll get a FREE bottle of delicious Octopus juice for all who compete.  As if all that weren’t enough, we love to party and invite all participants and all in the crowd to get funky with us! If you missed the last two  Glow & Blow Clouds Extravaganzas, you won’t want to miss this next one!

Stay posted for upcoming events, live music, and our upcoming Luau on July 22nd!  Game Nights are made memorable with Cards Against Humanity and a 120mL bottle for the winner.  Come join us for PS4 Tournaments (basically us poorly playing Rock Band). Feel free to use the Octopus Build Station to perfect your build with experts close at hand to offer tips and pointers.  Enjoy the Lounge, attend the events or just enjoy the vibe and excellent company.  We are always dreaming up new fun and exciting vape events to spice up the Vape Lyfe.

All Cloud Competitions are Free to enter!  We love to grub with our silly vapers so our cloud events are always catered by one of Manchester’s local restaurants.  You’ll have a great opportunity to meet vapers and builders at all skill levels and you’ll leave with plenty of swag! If you have never been to an Octopus Cloud & Trick Competition, you won’t want to miss this next one.


Darius OOOOs!

Darius OOOOs!