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Fight to Save Vaping and Save Your Life!

Fight to Save Vaping! Vaping Saved My Life, now is the time to Save Vaping. This is the spot to learn how to save the vape life and how to argue with idiots still claiming e-cigs are just as harmful as analog cigarettes. This is also the spot to learn about FDA deeming laws and catch my rants about how the Government and the FDA aim to decimate the vaping industry. You will find links here to important surveys you should definitely fill out as well as medical studies from world renowned physicians. We have also included links to legitimate organizations that are fighting to save the industry and desperately need our support.

It is Our Duty to Save Vaping and Prevent More Deaths

You should be mad. You should be angry. The government is attempting to take away vaping to hand it back to their cigar and brandy buddies that comprise Big Tobacco. Obama has said the government has helped build our small businesses. All he has done is keep his hands deep in my pockets. We have received nothing from federal or state governments but restrictions and fees in a country claimed to be free. The 650,000 small business we, the middle class, have opened in the last few years are being threatened so Big Tobacco can sit in their big comfy chairs and continue to squeeze every last penny out of the other 99% of us that have only 3% of the wealth.

A great way to get your voice heard, is to fill out this awesome survey.  This is one of the longer surveys we have found but it is very thorough. If any survey out there really takes into account how life changing vaping is, it is this one.  Click here to take the Nicotine Survey.  If you are new to our fight to save the vape life, a great place to start is always with Casaa. Sign any petition they post.  These are relatively easy to complete, typically requiring your name and email address.

The Vape Industry, The American Dream Denied

We are talking about an idea put into motion and made successful via the American Dream and our government aims to take that away behind a mask of public health. You are being lied to. You are being fooled. You are being slowly murdered by the government’s denial to a basic device that can save your life.

The fight has just begun. Will you stand united, vapers and non vapers alike, and loudly proclaim we have an inalienable right to LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS? There is no time for sitting on the fence anymore. Do your research. We have provided a plethora of data and studies combating what the government is saying about vaping. Make no mistake. They do NOT care about your health. They care only about their bottom line, money. It is always about money, never about you. Don’t think they care about your health. They only care to keep you working to pay taxes, and keeping you sick while you line the pockets of Big Tobacco and Big Pharmaceutical. They don’t care when you die because they have alquitting-smoking-with-vapingready hooked your children and they have already hooked your grand children.







Regulating vapor products, especially back to 2007, means higher nicotine levels due to poor delivery methods. As technology has advanced, so has our ability to start a pack a day smoker at 2-4mg as opposed to 16mg, regardless of the fact that there are 24mg in a pack of Marlboro Reds. Eliminating flavors will also cause more people to relapse back to smoking cancer causing cigarettes. The Vaper must break the connection the brain has that tobacco tastes good. It doesn’t. Once the tongue regenerates taste buds, which occurs two weeks after quitting smoking, the tobacco flavors no longer satisfy the pallet. To say that adults do not like strawberry and Candy flavors is absurd and ignorant. I have two packs of Starburst and half a roll of sweet tarts in my kitchen drawer right now.

The Cole-Bishop amendment aims to still allow regulations of electronic cigarettes while changing the predicate date from 2007 to 2016.  The vaping products that existed in 2007 were no where near capable of today’s modern devices in delivering a small amount of nicotine in such an effective way as to help a smoker fully quit with only a few milligrams.  Surely the FDA should be able to conclude, as should any half witted person, that 2mg of nicotine is less harmful than 24mg as would be necessary in a device from 2007.  That much should be a no brainer.

The government is only concerned with regulating vaping for one reason and one reason alone, money.  Big Tobacco has had most smokers hooked since they were teens and their five plus dollars a day has been lining the pockets of Big Tobacco ever since. Now Big Tobacco has enough money to buy any politician and Doctor they want to vote or say whatever they need just as they have always done.

Big Pharma wants vaping to fail because they profit immensely off products like Chantix and the patch and gums. Chantix has horrible side effects and the patch and gum have very low success rates, especially without relapse. My vape shop in Manchester, TN has helped hundreds of people every year quit smoking.  Many have been able to wean down to 0mg of nicotine, simply enjoying the sensation and flavor that vaping provides.  Others have managed to quit vaping after successfully using it to quit smoking.

Our government has already spent tax revenue from FUTURE cigarette sales. This means the U.S. Government has a vested interest in the poisoning of the American public and they cannot afford to change course. However, smoking related illness is also costing American tax payers insurmountable amounts of money at a time when our country’s deficit is monumental to say the very least.

In addition, the vaping industry was built by a suffering American middle class. I remember hearing Obama speak when he was first elected about boosting the middle class. Instead, the government via the FDA, aims to take away the American Dream and hand the industry over to the 1% who already hold the vast majority of the country’s wealth. Decimating the vaping industry, which is exactly what the FDA regulations aim to do, is to once again decimate the middle class. Although, that is their aim. If the FDA’s claim that they exist to protect the health of the American Public were true, aspartame, under its many names, would not be allowed in food after it was proven to cause cancer in rats.  What happened?  The FDA was restructured to get aspartame passed anyway.  Another aspect that must be considered is whether or not the FDA is really successful in keeping harmful drugs off the shelves.  Throughout its existence the FDA has continuously approved pharmaceuticals that were found to cause severe harm.

Every product used in e-liquid has been separately approved by the FDA as they are all food grade products. If nicotine is used, it is pharmaceutical grade of the very highest purity.  There are no additional chemicals added to e-juice, unlike cigarettes which are loaded with a wide variety of toxic chemicals. The FDA has long since known what Big Tobacco has been adding to their products but yet it would be cheaper and less hassle for me to start my own tobacco cigarette line than to keep this life saving vape shop in business through the FDA regulations.

The FDA says there are no “long term studies” regarding the harm of vaping. Well, we know for a fact that cigarettes are incredibly harmful and yet they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at every gas station and grocery store and even most pharmacies across the country. Nearly half a million people die in the United States from cigarette related health issues in the U.S. every single year and yet the FDA allows them to stay on the market.

I have watched elderly men and women who have smoked cigarettes most of their lives be able to leave their oxygen tanks at home or give them up altogether when they switched to vaping. I have seen spots on the lungs of my customers shrink after they have ceased smoking and started vaping. I have had customers come to me with tears streaming down their faces thanking me for helping them to finally overcome their addiction to cigarettes.  Children have been ushered in by their parents and grandparents because they insisted on thanking me themselves for their mommies and daddies finally kicking the habit.  These pleas from American citizens begging you to help them save their own lives must not be ignored.

Vaping regulation is nothing but the result of a government that is an expedient, aiming at keeping the working classes poor, sick and docile all the while continuing to make money off their labors.  For the love of the American public and for all those who have already lost lives to Big Tobacco, I beg you all to consider support of the Bishop-Cole amendment.  It is necessary for the health of our brothers and sisters that you stand up against tyrannical government intervention not only into business but into the ability of Americans to choose to lead healthier lifestyles.  Elected officials should take heed from foreign governments where national healthcare is a working system.  Several countries have embraced vaping as a necessity for public health.

I started smoking when I was only 13 years old.  I am now 32 and I have been a proud non-smoker for eight years.  I opened my store three years ago to help people in the way that vaping has helped me.  I no longer wheeze when I breathe. My teeth do not yellow the more I vape, I do not stink like an ashtray but rather smell like fruity delights.  I know vaping is not doing the harm to my body that smoking was for so many years.  I know this because I can feel it as can every other vaper out there.  This is why we are not willing to go down without a fight.  Our health, our lives and the lives of our friends and family members depend on this industry.  Support the Cole-Bishop Amendment as well as HR2058 and any other legislation that aims to save this industry from government corruption.